Long-term trends in recorded crime

In the nine years since BSARA was formed there has been a dramatic fall (39%) in recorded crime – refer to the table below. We should congratulate the Police for their contribution in achieving this reduction.

BSARA would like to highlight the following:

  • The largest percentage falls in recorded crime have involved offences against property and the largest percentage increases have involved offences against persons.

  • Improvements in technology have made vehicles harder to steal and have made electronic goods cheaper and therefore not as attractive to would-be thieves.

  • Targeting City Centre revellers has been very effective in preventing problems spilling onto Beacon Street.

  • Binge drinking remans a problem and Police resources are sometimes stretched, so we would be concerned about further reductions in the number of Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO's).

  • The community policing activities have increased the visibility of the police e.g. Police surgeries, patrols of Beacon Park and updates on the web.

Lichfield Non-Metropolitan District - Notifiable Offences Recorded by the Police
Description of crime
No. of recorded
No. of recorded
Criminal Damage Including Arson 1383 792 -43%
Violence Against the Person 1068 930 -13%
Burglary Other than a Dwelling 885 324 -63%
Theft from a Motor Vehicle 880 382 -57%
Other Wounding 605 394 -35%
Burglary in a Dwelling 521 360 -31%
Theft of a Motor Vehicle 492 146 -70%
Common Assault 205 263 28%
Harassment Including Penalty Notices for Disorder 170 199 17%
Theft from the Person 72 40 -44%
Robbery 57 45 -21%
Wounding or Other Act Endangering Life 3 16 433%
Total 6341 3891 -39%

Source: Neighbourhood Statistics recordable crime for Lichfield (Local Authority)