Express and Star – 8th September 2011

We read with interest that the good folk of Hanley would like to welcome Captain Smith's statue back into their arms; 97 years after their forefathers rejected the statue following the sinking of the Titanic.

Lichfield has provided a home for Captain Smith since 1914 and his statue stands proudly in Beacon Park, where renovations are almost complete.

The timing of a campaign to have the statue removed could not have been worse for Hanley, since Lichfield residents have had tolerate a building site for almost two years as the park’s refurbishment dragged on. The District Council has also faced a lot of criticism from residents because of the slow rate of progress. We do however support Mike Wilcox, leader of Lichfield District Council, in his resolution to keep the statue. Lichfieldions will surely not accept the pirating of one of the jewels within Beacon Park.

Sorry Hanley, you cannot have the statue back, but do come and visit the Captain, he looks really fine after his wash and brush up and while you are in Lichfield can have a lovely day out visiting the Cathedral, Darwin House and the Samuel Johnson Museum plus the excellent pubs and restaurants.

Bob Smith – Vice Chairman, Beacon Street Area Residents' Association