Modern Housing Estate Rotheram

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New Houses and Infrastructure

Council reviewing its plans for the District (2006-2026) This web page is out of date and will be updated shortly

The Local Development Framework (LDF), which is also referred to as “the Core Strategy”, will form the basis on how Lichfield District will develop over the next 15 years and beyond. It it is vital for all the residents of the Beacon Street Area that the District Council creates an acceptable plan.

During the pilot LDF consultation, which ended in February 2011, over 18,000 comments were received. Analysis of these comments showed that over 90% of respondents were critical of the Council's plans regarding the number of new homes and other development that was being proposed. Please refer to the Council's website for a detailed timetable. We expect that there will be a public inquiry in the late spring or early summer leading to a formal adoption by the end of 2012 or early 2013.

BSARA accepts that there has to be development but believes that:

  • the original number of new houses was not based on a proven forecasting model which leaves the plan open to challenge at a Public Inquiry;
  • any revisions in the planned number and type of new houses must reflect the needs of the District, not the speculative demands of landowners and developers.

We still must solve the problem of where the houses are to be built. BSARA is totally against building on any greenbelt or agricultural land unless it is proven that all other possibilities have been exhausted. This will damage the natural ecology and food supply chain of the area.

The Lichfield Residents Alliance, an organisation which was formed to enable local resident groups to share knowledge and expertise, is working with the Council to achieve an acceptable LDF. It is essential for every resident within the District to be able to make their views known at the public consultation to ensure that the historic District of Lichfield remains a beautiful place to live, work and play in.

BSARA will keep members informed of progress and will invite you to express your views when the final documentation is presented for consultation.