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31/Mar – Beacon Park team pull out the stops for Easter school break

posted 3 Apr 2012, 03:01 by Unknown user   [ updated 4 Apr 2012, 09:42 ]

Refreshments and entertainment ready for the Easter school holidays. Well done Lichfield District Council !

Recent warm weather has encouraged a large number of people to visit Beacon Park. The new play area has been very popular and has often been full with children of all ages and their families. The Easter school holidays, have bought the donkeys and pedalos back to the park. Let us hope that fine weather will follow.

However, with the café not yet open, many people have been looking for somewhere to buy a drink or an ice-cream. Members of the Park Friends have asked the District Council to ensure that refreshments are available for the Easter holidays. We are pleased to see that the District Council has responded and a burger bar is now serving refreshments near the play area. An ice-cream van also appeared the next day.

Residents are pleased to see that the long-delayed fitting out of the café, has eventually started. We are look forward to its opening. Hopefully the coffee shop in the Museum gardens, will also open quickly and provide us with welcome refreshments.

We trust that the District Council will give all the assistance necessary to accelerate the opening of these venues.

Donkeys and pedalos for the young at heart
Cafe weekend working
Weekend working to get the café fitted out
Burger van
Getting ready for the crowds
Cafe artists impression
We look forward to the opening of the café