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18/Nov/2013 – Angel Croft Hotel to be converted into apartments?

posted 19 Nov 2013, 03:52 by Unknown user   [ updated 22 Nov 2013, 01:43 ]
Angel Croft Hotel, Beacon Street, Lichfield

Local residents have been concerned about the deterioration of the Angel Croft Hotel, which has been empty since 2008. This building should be brought back into use. So it is good news that a planning application has been submitted which proposes to do this. BSARA will comment on the detail of the application once we have reviewed the paperwork and discussed the proposal with the developer and the District Council.

Webb Hotels and Travel Ltd own both the Angel Croft and George hotels. The owners, in partnership with Sammi Developments Ltd, now propose converting the Angel Croft to residential use. The planning application says the building will include nine apartments with sixteen parking spaces reserved for residents. A pay & display facility will continue on part of the site.

Here are the key documents: UPDATE [22/Nov]: All documents now available on the District Council website. Ref: 13/01223/COU

The Angel Croft Hotel is in a conservation zone and is Grade II* listed, putting it among only 5.5% of listed buildings. In 2008 a planning application was submitted to refurbish the hotel, but was subsequently withdrawn. A person familiar with this planning application told BSARA that the cost of addressing conservation matters had made it uneconomic to proceed.

BSARA understands that there have been repeated break-ins with metal thieves making off with lead flashing and with parts of the central heating system; which caused water damage. English Heritage have placed the building its front railings and gates on its Buildings at Risk register with an "A" priority, stating that there is an "immediate risk of further rapid deterioration or loss of fabric; no solution agreed".

BSARA hopes that, on this occasion, the conservation issues which scuppered the 2008 planning application can be overcome. Flexibility on the part of the applicant and the District Council can preserve this important building and do so at a cost which is economically justifiable.

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