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16/Dec/2013 – Collapsed road surface outside Ego

posted 16 Dec 2013, 09:41 by Unknown user   [ updated 18 Dec 2013, 04:58 ]
Angel Croft Hotel, Beacon Street, Lichfield

FixMyStreet – the Ego pothole

UPDATE 18/Dec/2013: South Staffs Water Co. tweeted to say that the repair is to be completed in January.

Joint inspection expected 16-20/Dec/2013 – Both South Staffs Water Co. & Staffs County Highways to be involved.

The road surface outside Ego restaurant, corner of Beacon Street and Swan Road, has been collapsing for six months to a year. See images to the right: the top photo was taken on 04/Nov/2013; while the bottom photo, taken on 11/Dec/2013, shows some very rudimentary repairs.

If the collapse is due to the water pipes then the South Staffs Water Co. are responsible, otherwise its down to Staffs County Highways. If it is considered a safety issue then County Highways must ensure that a temporary repair is made.

A blow by blow account of BSARA's discussions with County Highways and with South Staffs Water Co. can be seen on BSARA's FixMyStreet #Storify time-line.

Ego Pothole 11/Dec/2013, Lichfield

The saga to date:

  1. 18/Jul/2013 – Staffs County Highways notified via FixMyStreet

  2. 01/Sep/2013 – Staffs County Highways notified again via FixMyStreet

  3. 17/Oct/2013 – Staffs County Highways say "drain issue" reported to S Stafs Water. Really? This is a clean water valve cover.

  4. 20/Nov/2013 – S Staffs Water Co. say inspection confirms County Highways responsible & that they are aware. Silence from County Highways.

  5. 20/Nov/2013 – County Cllr Terry Finn (Lichfield City South), offers to get involved to resolve the impasse.

  6. 1-10/Dec/2013 – County Highways potholes repair team in the area; shove some tarmac in the hole.

  7. 12/Dec/2013 – S Staffs Water Co. confirm joint site inspection "next week" with County Highways.