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10/May/2012 Thank you Staffs Highways for FixingMyStreet

posted 10 May 2012, 05:03 by Unknown user
Thank you Staffs Highways for FixingMyStreet
Ref (E-12127899)

A maintenance crew arrived this morning, 10/May/2012, and set to work repairing the pothole.

Thank you very much.

The repair crew say that they visited the site on three previous occasions but could not perform the repair without closing the road, which is a cul de sac. The narrowness of the street and the presence of parked cars meant that motorists would have been barricaded in. This time we were lucky as a resident spotted the workers and the cars were moved.

Repair crew fixing pothole

On 13/Mar/2012, BSARA used the FixMyStreet.com website to report this massive pothole in Beaconfields Road, Lichfield, WS13 7AJ. Staffordshire Highways reference number E-12127899

Potholes are formed when water runs through cracks in road surfaces, freezes and so expands, causing the surface to rupture and creating a void which later caves in under the weight of vehicles.

This is exactly what has happened repeatedly to this stretch of tarmac over the last five to ten years.

A report compiled by the AA says that patching potholes is a waste of money. According to the AA, it is ‘at least 20 times more expensive' to patch and mend than to plan proper road maintenance.

Pothole in Beaconfields Road WS13 7AJ