The Beacon Street Area Residents' Association – CONSTITUTION
  1. A “Beacon Street Area Residents' Association” exists for the benefit of the Residents of Beacon Street and Area.
  2. A broad remit be established so that any agreed issue of interest or concern to the residents may be looked into.
  3. Formed as a constituted oragnisation so that Beacon Street Area Residents' Association will have the legitimacy to co-operate and work with other residents' associations both local and further afield and possibly within the future Residents' Association Network.
  4. That Beacon Street Area Residents' Association may be regarded as “an organisation” rather than a group of residents in the eyes of Lichfield and Staffordshire Councils, the Police and other agencies thereby giving greater weight and respresentational validity to the Association's representations and requests.

  5. a)Administration:
    Beacon Street Area Residents' Association should have a brief succinct written constitution and the officers elected (from 2005) by the Committee: chairman, vice-chairman/men, treasurer (minimal funds) and secretary.
    i) Officers
    ii) Representatives of agencies such as local Council(s) and Neighbourhood Watch
    iii) Residents from the immediate local Area to be co-opted as appropriate.

  6. Finances
    a) the Commitee is responsible for modest fund-raising to cover expenses.
    b) Membership of BSARA is subject to an annual subscription per household. The subscription amount is to be determined by the Committee and ratified at the AGM.
    c) Finances are subject to continual review.
  7. This constitution may be amended subject to the Association's Annual General Meetings.

Signed: P Rear
Proposed: R W Smith
Seconded: A Hefer 
Dated: 10-November-2011